OTEN endeavour to make your learning materials relevant to your workplace. You will study of printed and CD modules. The printed materials outline in detail much of the important legislative requirements that it is important that all real estate practitoners understand while the CD's provide an interactive learning format to help bring your learning to life. The Certificate of Registration modules (17319A, B & C) are presented on CD but can also be requested in print form. A number of other modules are also available on CD. Depending on what course and electives you take, you may see some of these CDs.

We have also created our own ficticious real estate agency "Evansdale Realty" to give you an overview of what a typical real estate office might "look like". Evansdale Realty is featured throughout 17319A, B & C modules and elsewhere in the course.


We try and make your assignments as practical as possible. You will complete some of the standard industry forms in your very first few assignments, in one module you develop a listing presentation folder, you will write ads and create open house invitations. You will also look at the legal requiremetns and obligations in a number of the relevant areas that you study in this course.

Your learning materials will provide you with the foundation for being a successful and prosperous real estate agent and act as a stepping stone to move on to obtaining your agent's licence in the Certificate IV or Diploma courses we also offer.

OLS Site

One final thing to note with your learning materials is that we provide additional information and assistance on the OLS web site. Make sure you visit this site regularly and MOST IMPORTANTLY, before you begin each new module.